Review: Milk Teeth – Vile Child.

Milk Teeth released their new album Vile Child on January 29th through Hopeless Records. The band’s debut is anticipated after some great EP’s, and some even better singles from the record. You can listen to a complete stream of the album right now thanks to Upset Magazine here.

This bands works so well together, everything works brilliantly throughout this record, working in harmony, the vocals work to the melodies which they create in unique and brilliant ways, tracks such as Burger Drop and Brickwork are different but both are constructed and brilliantly made, it makes them so easy to listen to.

The band can make some hooks on this album like no one else, tracks such as Brain Food and Swear Jar make it clear this band write songs to get stuck in your head, and you will not mind, Swear Jar has been re-recorded for this album and it’s no surprise why, fitting perfectly with the album it’s a perfect track to build a record round. Though these tracks are catchy, this band can bring that heavy feeling to this record, Moon Wanderer and Leona the mood gets darker and the angst is there. Leona reminds me of La Dispute as it begins and then brings in big guitars that work with Becky Blomfield’s vocals so well. The end of the album is dominated by atmospheric melodies and heavy guitars that just finish off this album perfectly.

This band are set to propel themselves into brilliance in 2016 and this is the album they will do it with, it’s just everything you could ever want from an album and more. The light and shade, with heavy screams and dark guitars, to the lightness and acoustic introduction of tracks such as Kabuki, it’s just a perfect balance of angsty moments and catchy choruses, Milk Teeth have made a perfect debut. Highlights for me are Brickwork, Brain Food as and Burger Drop. Go buy this album.



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