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Review: Catch Fire – The Distance I Am From You EP.

Catch Fire release their EP through Rude Records – who have an amazing collection of musicians working with them (The Maine and Knuckle Puck for example) on February 5th just before the band go on a short tour with Best Years, and you can give the EP a listen through the Rock Sound website right now here.

It’s pretty clear this band want you to mosh at their shows with big guitars and raw vocals that could surely start what looks like a fight anywhere. Awesome riffs abound right from the start particularly on tracks such as Bad Behaviour and Anaesthetic, which really bring some nice melodies that could get any crowd moving.

The high energy combined with big choruses and angsty vocals really works on The Distance I Am From You, it’s going to be a perfect live record as it has the right kind of bounce and the hooks that will get stuck in your head – sure it’s simple right now, but this is a marvellous foundation of what is to come from this band in the future. Not that this band can’t slow it down, Introspective Part II is an excellent acoustic track and perfectly contrasts from Introspective Part I, which really displays that velocity this band do so well.

This band certainly have created a debut here, that really shows what makes this band great, with some greats riffs, high energy, and lyrical depth the band have a lot going for them on this their first record. If you listen to this band, listen to the Introspect Part I and II, they maybe be very different songs but these tracks just show what this band can do, with a little more finesse, I can’t wait for what this band do next.





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