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Review: She Must Burn – Self Titled.

indexShe Must Burn have recently just been signed to Artery Recordings, and released their self titled EP, which you can listen to right now here on Spotify. The London quintet who have made a name for themselves supporting bands such as Cradle Of Filth, also released a video for first single Possessed, you can see it here.

The screaming vocals are blistering but sound awesome throughout the EP, and with Amy Miller’s soft vocals working with them in combination it really brings something different to the genre. Tracks such as Into Light really reflect that as the two sounds come together to make up some great mixed vocals on their self titled, with some great voices and screaming vocals that roar throughout.

The band creates some dark melodies and really build tension on this EP, and it makes for an awesome listen, Wish To Exist makes this clear, as the mood grows and really brings it on this album. However following track Eclipse, really brings the melodies up a knotch with huge riffs building that make this song such a huge listen and combined with those vocals is a barrage of ear pounding drums and angry vocals, it’s awesome. The Misery is such a good example of what this band can do with a drum set, it’s incredibly intense.

You can certainly see why on this EP why the band are gaining attention the way they are, with some great melodies, awesome vocals and riffs to blow you away, and this is their first record. Still in need of building their own sound, but with plenty of time to do so, it’s certainly band worth watching. Highlights for me are Eclipse, Ascension and Wish To Exist – the intros this band bring to their debut are phenomenal, the power on this record is uncompared, certainly a band in the ascendance.



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