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Review: September Stories – Unopened Letter EP.

September Stories are a recent addition to InVogue Records, and have through them released their EP Unopened Letter, a band who bring alternative and spoken word together much like labelmates Hotel Books, September Stories bring their own style to this their debut EP, and it makes for a great listen.

Baughman’s voice is made for spoken word as he works through his poetry, and makes it work with the melodies the he has created, it’s not meant to be easy listening, but it’s really hard to not want to listen, it’s so easy to relate to his words – Obsession in particular must be one of those songs that people can connect to easily, with themes around love and heartbreak.

The melodies are simple, with some great guitar work that makes for a brilliant foundation for the record, and subtle drum work that works well with Baughman’s singing parts on this record, Detached, has some really nice additional piano work that adds to the atmospheric feel to the song that really makes the song stand out on this record. Let Love Bleed, which has the addition of Shauna Nikles continues that theme, I’m not sure if it’s odd to put words into an ex-lover’s mouth like this poem does, but it’s certainly a great combination of voices and allows for the different perspectives which is rarely done.

September Stories make a great debut with Unopened Letter, with nice melodies, excellent vocals and a real rare quality to the poetry, it certainly stands out and makes for a great listen. Highlights for me are Detached and Unopened Letter, which you can give a listen to here. A great new talent.



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