Bands To Look Out For In 2016.

I made some good bets last year, with Milk Teeth having a perfect album out last week and Ducking Punches doing a tour of Europe soon with Frank Turner, it certainly seems I did alright. There’s so many bands I could talk about here, but these six are bands that I think will make a splash this year.

  1. Blood Youth – Recently releasing a new music video and an excellent EP, this band are what was Climates, and they’ve certainly moved on to better things in 2015, and they’re not a band you should be sleeping on. The band release their sophomore release in March and if their first record is anything to go by, you should be listening to this band right now.
  2. Beautiful Bodies – You can see the band now on tour with Mayday Parade and The Maine across the UK, the band signed to Epitaph Records in 2014, and have some big choruses and incredible energy that I look forward to seeing more of – their latest album was released in June last year and it’s a great one, go listen.
  3. Secret Stuff – A band who have just released their EP, This Is Fine are pretty good, but live this band will be interesting, following in the vein of bands such as La Dispute and Hotel Books, this band are so much easier to connect to and have a real way with words, I suspect this band will achieve things in 2016.
  4. ROMP – Their debut EP was released last year, and then they were signed to Bad Timing Records and will soon be releasing their EP on vinyl through the label. Sorry, Not Sorry was produced with Jesse Cannon who has worked with Man Overboard and Somos and they have done pretty good – the band’s debut album comes out on March 4th, Departure From Venus, and it’s probably going to be amazing.
  5. Like Torches – Recent album Shelter has some great songs and the band certainly show their influences on it too, particularly Yellowcard, which makes sense considering the band’s singer Ryan Key, produced the album for them. The band have just finished a tour in Europe and under new management I’m sure this band will be back on the road once again.
  6. The Subways – The band who tour across the US for the first time soon, released their self titled album in the UK last year and will be releasing it in the US soon and on vinyl there. The ban create some huge choruses and great punk melodies that makes for such a great record, this is surely a band who should be gaining attention this year.

Other bands to look out for are Pierce The Veil who finally release their follow up to Collide With The Sky this year according to Fearless Records where Tonight Alive also will release Limitless through. We Are The In Crowd should be releasing news of their new album finished last May – most of the band being busy working with Against The Current who release their debut through Fuelled By Ramen this year, a band ready to go stratuspheric this year, it’s certainly a year where women will take the lead, maybe for the first time.


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