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Review: Creeper – The Callous Heart EP.

creeper-callous-heart-ep-artwork-800x445Released last year, this was certainly a record that I shouldn’t have missed on it’s release. The band who are currently going down a treat supporting Neck Deep on tour. Released through Roadrunner Records, The Callous Heart is the sophomore record from the band and it’s one hell of a debut and you can listen to it now on Spotify.

The band really bring it on this record, with some big hooks from the start of the record, the writing strong, and the vocals are spot on throughout. This band certainly know how to bring a song together, the band work in harmony together with the unique sound of his vocals and though the writing is catchy, the songs are written well and easy to connect to, Black Cloud brings the best of what this band do together and really illustrates these strengths.

Melody wise, the band bring such great energy throughout The Callous Heart which could make even the most apathetic gig goer moshing, as they unleash a barrage of guitars and some awesome drum sounds and some keyboard thrown in for good measure (See Allergies), this band certainly know how to make music and it makes for a perfect opener for a tour like the one they’re on with Neck Deep right now, but certainly a band who could headline if these songs are anything to go by.

Creeper’s The Callous Heart is the kind of record you want people to get to know you for, bringing great energy and big hooks, this band know what they’re doing when it comes to making music, and it shows throughout this record. Highlights for me are Allergies and Lie Awake, but this is not a weak EP, and you should probably listen to this, on repeat, for a day.



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