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Review: Locket – Self Titled EP.

Locket were recently signed to Take This To Heart Records, and have released their debut self titled EP through Bandcamp for free, which you can find here. The band take their influences from bands such as mewithoutyou and La Dispute and recently supporting bands such as Capsize, so it’s not looking bad for this new talent.

The band take an atmospheric feel to their debut record, and they do it well, bringing a clever edge to the EP, as it continues. The guitar melodies created on this record give this EP gravitas as they create an excellent foundation for the music and working with the drums they create a dark and moody record that works together throughout, particularly on tracks such as Fall Inn and The Entertainer, where this shows.

The vocals are blistering throughout with an awesome roar but with clear influences from bands such as La Dispute, with some spoken parts that really work well with what this band create musically. Tracks as Eviction Notice really display that guttural vocal and that blending of influences perfectly. I think though this whole EP shows how well this band work together as it create a natural sound that works brilliantly from the start of the EP.

A fantastic debut from a band who have so much talent, this self titled sure is going to leave a mark on your eardrums, with relentless guitars and vocals that can tear up the vocal chords of anyone, it’s an incredible sound the band are creating here, and the progression from here could be incredible, and with new music coming end of Spring or the beginning of summer, I look forward to it. Highlights for me on this record are Eviction Notice and The Entertainer.



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