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Review: Pretend Happy – Tired Eyes.

phtePretend Happy released their new album yesterday, Tired Eyes via Tape Culture Records, which you can listen to in full now thanks to Rock Sound. The band who are soon to tour with Patrons, are certainly causing a stir and you can certainly hear why on Tired Eyes, with big emotional melodies throughout.

Melodies are what this band do best throughout this record, bringing in a dark and heavy feel to the album, bringing that emotion perfectly and capturing it on this album from the moment it starts on Tired Eyes, Save Me is the perfect example of all these things, those melancholic melodies and brooding guitars work perfectly on this track.

The vocals are strong throughout, and lament in places and feel raw in others and sometimes in the same song, tracks such as I’m Home really reflect that feeling, and really displays that vocal perfectly and they work perfectly harmony with the band as they bring in huge drums on tracks such as Arsonist or acoustic sounds on tracks such as Sink. The writing is solid and simple throughout with some big choruses that work perfectly within the record, the band’s real strength is in it’s music, but it’s writing is pretty good too.

Pretend Happy create some great things on this record, driving riffs that create some awesome melodies throughout, this band bring together those melodies with the some big choruses that live are going to work so well for this band. What this band bring to it’s lyricism is it’s truthfulness, it’s a very honest record and it works in every way on this record but I still feel there’s more to come from this band yet. Highlights for me are Turnover, Arsonist and Iced Teeth, it’s certainly a record that if you like british rock, you shouldn’t miss.




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