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Review: Ashley Riley – All The Pretty Things.

Ashley Riley last week released her album through Noisetrade recently, All The Pretty Things, and what an album it is. Creating alternative folk, the singer from Decutar, Illinois creates some stunning melodies and matches them with perfect vocals on this her second album. You can listen to All The Pretty Things right now on Noisetrade here.

Riley’s writing is very natural, and it feels effortless on this record, with some nice choruses and with such an elegant voice, it sounds amazing throughout the album, tracks such as Love Shark have great choruses but this also the case on tracks such as Lie To Me, which is slow, but a song that is ready to be stuck in your head.

A way with melody from the moment she plays her first string on All The Pretty Things, Ashley Riley is an acoustic dream to listen to as she creates some really nice grooves and some sweet sugary folk in others it makes for a really treat for your ears from the start of the record. Tracks such as Love Shark and Hard To Hold pick up the pace nicely, with a nice groove, but opener Made Of Dreams is a gentle acoustic track that works perfectly, the album a nice balance of both throughout.

There’s nothing bad to say about this record, nice melodies and a great vocal throughout, Ashley Riley has created an incredible record here, and if you like acoustic, you are going to fall in love with this record, with perfect grooves and gentle melodies in great balance. It’s not a simple record, it is crafted beautifully, and I hope that it’s not five years before she can record another album as good as this. Highlights for me are Made Of Dreams, Love Shark and All The Pretty Things.


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