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Review: Pinegrove – Cardinal.

Pinegrove released their new album last week through Run For Cover Records and through the band’s bandcamp which you can find here – the band then tour with Into It. Over It. The World Is A Beautiful Place.. and The Sidekicks across the US, playing New York in August 22nd.

If there’s anything this band can do, it’s make amazing melodies and they just do that throughout Cardinals like it’s the easiest thing to do in the world. The band know how to entertwine different sounds and styles creating something unique but easy to connect with and to listen to. Tracks such as Aphasia are a perfect example of this with melodies that just work perfectly.

Hall’s vocals are tremendous on this record throughout, the raw vocal that eases from the start of this record works in harmony with the melodies the band create, opening track Old Friends and closing, New Friends both illustrate how well this band work together on this record making for such a great listen, the production really honing what this band do best from the start to the end quite literally. What stuns me most is that Pinegrove are a sad band, but they do it so optimistically throughout Cardinal. Lyrically it brings so much emotion and thoughts together, it feels like thinking out loud to melody but it works incredibly well on Cardinal, Cadmium stands out for this.

Pinegrove have created an awesome album in Cardinal, this band do great things on this record with guitars that work seamlessly throughout, creating a unique sound of all their own making with math rock influences and emo styles that just work so well on this album. Just listen to this album as soon as you can. Highlights for me are Cadmium, Visiting and Aphasia however this is a record that works together perfectly, and it’s a record you need to hear.




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