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Review: Radiation City – Synesthetica.

Radiation City have had a turbulent period lately, and with this new record it brings the band to a close of this time, creating a whole new sound with a mix of old and new writing, creating some great songs. The band who released their new album on February 12th, are currently tour across the US.

With an array of vocals that work with the music, with some huge pop hooks and catchy sounds, Radiation City certainly know how to get something stuck in your head, tracks such as Come And Go and Juicy are perfect examples of that, this band really creating something that only this band can do, delicate vocals and an ethereal quality to the record.

What this band can bring in music making is so different on Synesthetica, with big pop and electronica sounds that entwine perfectly together throughout this album, it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into creating great music. Retro grooves in places such as Oil Show but in other places huge electronica sounds on tracks such as Milky White, but even though the sounds are so different the record works together excellently. The band really can slow the pace down and take it up again, the slow pace on tracks such as Fancy Cherries are a perfect example of that.

Synesthetica is an album with so much energy as it begins and real emotion depth as it ends, so it balances out perfectly on this record, this is certainly a band who brought a new sound with this record and it is often a great one on this album. Highlights for me on this record are near the beginning of the record, tracks such as Milky White and opener Oil Show is how to open a record like this, however if you like an eclectic collection of grooves and music, this is ideal.



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