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Review: Masts – Adversaries.

Masts release their album Adversaries Friday through Jealous Lovers Club. Adversaries is the band’s debut album and has been produced by the band’s drummer, Phil Smith, the band following up from their EP Palindromes. You can learn more about Masts through their facebook page, where their video for A Man Ambivalence can be watched.

The band throughout this record really push their sound from start to finish, exploring different sounds and melodies throughout which though does make the record seem a little inconsistent, does not make it a bad record as they change the pace and the sound, keeping you hooked throughout. Monaghan is a high octane track with raw guitars and huge rock sound whereas it moves into more alternative territory on tracks such as Ghost World, the band continuing to bend genres throughout their album and doing it amazingly on Adversaries.

The band have a good writing technique, the two vocalists working incredibly well together throughout giving this record a huge boost of energy, tracks such as Shallow End the two vocalists really power through the song giving it a great sound from the start, the two voices working well together. Tracks like Crestfallen make for some great writing too with huge hooks and an energy that keeps going throughout this record, that live it’s going to make for such a great listen.

This band talents certainly lie in its music and it shows throughout Adversaries, the slow melodies on tracks such as Different People compared to Athen’s pace is different but its a great different thrughout this record and the focus is pretty clear here. The band live are going to certainly bring a pace, with an awesome rhythm section that works in this band with ease, and brings the energy on this record like no band I’ve heard. Highlights for me are Athens, Monaghan and Crestfallen.



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