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Review: Sonic State – Sell It To The Masses.

ss1Sonic State have a great style to their songs as we found out with their first track Need It which I gave a listen to recently, and now they follow up that track with Sell It To The Masses, which was recently released independently by the band.

The band have a way with interesting melodies and it certainly shows on this track as they bring some melodious guitars and great drum beats that make for such a great combination on this track from the moment the song begins. A track with a nice groove that you can’t resist moving to, it’s a great second track.

The vocals are minimal but it works on this track, with a great sound, and a really nice hook that can get stuck in your head incredibly easily, and it works harmoniously together, the band really working together creatively, brilliantly together once again. Sell It To The Masses certainly proves less is more vocally, and it makes for a great listen throughout.

The band are excellent musicians and it shows on this track, a band to keep an eye out as they make another great track, Sell It To The Masses, should definitely be heard by them. Great guitar and a nice bounce, this band are one to keep an eye out for. You can give it a listen right now here.


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