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Review: Creeper – Stranger EP.

Image result for creeper stranger epCreeper are going to be a band you hear a lot about in 2016, and Stranger the band’s new release through Roadrunner Records is why. Following up from The Callous Heart, the band release Stranger today and are streaming it on their website right now.

This band certainly follow in much the same ways as The Callous Heart but with a little more finesse as the band bring that energy but sharpened it up a little bit as the band bring old school melodies and huge punk sounds to the fore, especially on tracks such as Black Mass.

Not that this band can’t slow down the pace, tracks such as Misery and Astral Projection take the pace and then drop it with such sophistication, it feels like a different song completely, but it works together. This band are unique when it comes to making music bringing a dark vibe to a track but somehow making it infectious and they do it so well on Stranger.

Gould’s vocals are excellent throughout, and has a way of singing that gives each song something haunting about it, tracks like The Secret Society wouldn’t work with anyone else leading the band and this with the strong writing on this EP, makes for an awesome combination. Black Mass and Valentine of course have those huge hooks but this EP has a great style to it, Misery stands out to it for those reasons, with big hooks and in combination with those heavy in places melodies, it sounds flawless.

Creeper have some great tracks on this their new record, and it’s worth a listen. From the moment it begins it’s an intense record and it never disappoints. Highlights for me are Misery, Black Mass and Valentine, but listen to it in it’s entirety, you won’t regret it.





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