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Review: Diana Jones – Live In Concert.

Diana Jones releases her new album, Live In Concert today, through Proper Records. The award winning singer songwriter has recorded nineteen of her most well known tracks here and she does it incredibly well her sound being perfectly recorded on this new album. You can learn more through her website here.

Jones raw talent is perfectly shown throughout this record and it sounds flawless from the moment it starts, her country stylings are perfectly displayed throughout this album. Her voice alone is so powerful and clear, tracks such as Cold Grey Ground where she sings alone captures that. The production on this live album accentuates the incredible sound of her voice and it makes for such an easy listen from the moment it begins, it’s difficult to point out a flaw.

The best of her music is displayed here too, the tracks work well together and it flows throughout and listening to her commentary gives an idea of where her music comes from, creating some great emotion, The Day I Die in particular stands out to me along with Drug For This where that depth is reflected in the writing which explains why Diana Jones is still a force live to be reckoned with and it is captured excellently on this live recording.

From the moment this record begins it’s clear why Diana Jones is a success, here she displays her incredible talent with emotional lyrics that you can connect with and Jones melody creation is flawless and it’s on display throughout but can lack energy in places. If you need a record to give you a gateway to Jone’s music this is the perfect record for you, bringing political messages and personal ones with equal power, tracks such as Happiness and Appalachia are so different but still sit perfectly here. Highlights for me are Drugs For This and I Told The Man.



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