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Review: Ian Cat and the Crimsons – Baggage Claim.

image00Ian Cat And The Crimsons have recently released their new single, Baggage Claim and Purgatory Blues. The two tracks, released through Salieri Records, can be found on Bandcamp here and are a great listen as they fuse together different influences in a riot of sound that’s well worth a listen.

With influences that are slightly math rock to brit pop, Baggage claim is an awesome melding of sounds that brings together huge guitar riffs that give this song a foundation of excellent melodies, and drums that pound throughout that give the song such a great sound. Combined with Cat’s vocals that feel like a throwback to the nineties, it’s awesome.

Purgatory Blues certainly brings a whole other bunch of sounds from folky stylings with an energetic fuzziness that gives it an almost punk vibe, slightly reminiscent of The Smiths and makes for a song you can’t sit still listening to. The Drum work and guitar riffs work hand in hand together in a way I’ve never heard before and it makes you want more as it continues.

Cat’s way with words on this single is great, a man who can make a chorus and really create something poetic, Purgatory Blues is about life and losing those you love leaving it, but he does it in a way that makes it so easy to listen to and bringing something new to it, it’s an interesting song and makes for an awesome listen and that’s also the case for Baggage Claim. Baggage Claim has a chorus that will get stuck in your head, but that depth is there, and combined with those huge melodies, this track has become a new favourite.

I look forward to what comes next if it’s based on the tracks, I think Baggage Claim is my new favourite song. It’s a perfect blend of different styles and with those vocals these songs stand out in the best ways.


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