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Review: Ties – Purpose EP.

Purpose cover artTies, is a quintet hailing from Texas, making some great post hardcore rock music there. The band have just released their EP Purpose which you can listen to through the band’s Bandcamp. The band will be playing local shows soon and you can learn more about Ties through their facebook page, which you can find here.

A band that has a unique way with melodies, creating some really nice harmonies throughout, Ties on Purpose really bring almost twinkly melodies with big drum runs and crunching riffs that work from the moment the EP begins – A Rising Tide and Come Alive really show the strength of this band’s music and it sounds good together.

Satchwell’s vocals sound great throughout this EP and in combination with the screaming vocals, it works and really gives the song impact, tracks such as Spark really display the band’s vocals at their finest with raw screaming, and some softer vocals that work well together, this is also the case on Purpose & Consequence. The writing is strong too, with some big hooks and some real emotion throughout, A Way Out for example has a great style to it and certainly a highlight of the EP.

Purpose is a strong EP from the band and makes for an awesome listen, particularly if you like bands such as The Color Morale for example, this band bringing different sounds and styles much like them to hardcore that really works on this EP. Highlights for me are Spark and The Rising Tide, but it’s a strong listen throughout, certainly a band beginning to make something of their own.



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