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Review: Adelitas Way – Getaway.

After a huge national tour and great reviews for first single Bad Reputation, Adelitas Way return with Getaway on the 26th February. Released independently, the band swagger in with huge rock and roll sounds, this album is a great comeback. You can give Bad Reputation a listen via Loudwire here.

This band know how to write a song, with huge choruses and big hooks, this band can get a track stuck in your head and that’s something that is consisent from the start. Bad Reputation is a huge track, there’s no doubt about that, but tracks such as Low and I Get Around are catchy songs and live these will certainly get a crowd wild.

Really though where this band come into their own is how they make music, the tracks have some great bounce, full of high energy and guitars that really lift this album on to another level, tracks such as Filthy Heart and Getaway bring some awesome drums and guitars, and with the writing, it does sound awesome. Another highlight is Harbour The Fugitive, the pace may slow down but that riff working throughout the track and the harmonies in this band, it stands out easily on this album.

DeJesus’ vocals on this record are awesome, the production quality really accentuates what this band does best throughout and it makes for an awesome listen, bringing that big rock and roll style they have to another level, with awesome guitars and great drum work that keeps you wanting more – just listen to closing track Deserve This to hear that. It’s certainly a record if you love rock and roll you are going to keep on repeat for a while, I know I certainly am.

Highlights for me are Shame, Filthy Heart and Low but it’s a strong album throughout, it certainly couldn’t have been easy to pick a single, this record is packed with songs that are ready to be heard.




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