Review: Never Trust – The Line.

THE LINE_cover 1400x1440Rock & Roll band, Never Trust released their new album recently, The Line. The band based in Italy are led by Elisa Galli, are reminiscent of bands such as Halestorm and Paramore in ways, and you can see the first music video for one of the highlights of the album Turmoil, here.

Galli’s vocals perfectly suit that rock and roll vibe that runs through this record, though the production could be a little sharper,  this band have a great vocalist giving a raw sound with a nice blend of softer vocals too, tracks such Time Is Up and Music & Melody really display that combination perfectly. The acoustic sounds of Daydreaming really sound awesome too, the style really showcasing the vocals perfectly on this record, it shows how fragile it is, but also that strength.

There’s some huge choruses, and as the record goes on the band come into their own and bring that rock and roll sound strongly, tracks like Razor’s Edge really kick the record up a notch with a big chorus and combined with Galli’s vocals it becomes a highlight. There’s some real emotion on this record and the songs work together really well on this album, tracks such as Just A Little Girl and Invisible Line, really have some great writing and a very honest feel to them that it makes it feel sincere and it keeps you listening.

The melodies really create these highlights, the band work really well together, as the record progresses the guitars really kick this album in to gear, with tracks such as Day By Day standing out and the drums really come to the fore on this track too, the band’s rhythm section sounding great together. The band really bring some great tracks on this their sophomore album, an attitude and a raw feeling that really works for them, the band really displaying the potential they have throughout.

A great record from Never Trust, the band really create some big riffs, nice choruses and a raw edge on this record, highlights for me on The Line are Daydreaming, Heavier and Razor’s Edge.



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