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Review: The Shapers – Reckless Youth EP.

ARTWORK - Reckless YouthThe Shapers release Reckless Youth, the band’s latest recordings on February 26th. Based in Toulouse, France the band have toured extensively in their homeland and have supported bands such as Gnarwolves. The band are now following up from the critically acclaimed album Everybody Needs To Have A Dream, which the band released in 2013.

The band really set the pace as soon as the EP starts with guitars and drums that work at the band’s own velocity. The band work well together, the drums and guitars so powerful that sometimes the vocals seem a little lost, tracks such as Secrets really have so much energy, with wild riffs and crashing drum work, it sometimes seems far too loud for the vocalist to really be heard, but when he is, it sounds awesome.

There’s some catchy tracks on this album, tracks such as Another Chance and opener Can’t Forget are awesome, however No Regrets where the band take a slower pace, with a more acoustic feel really work well on Reckless Youth, it made me think of early Blink 182 as soon as I heard it, which isn’t a bad first thought and that continues on tracks such as Youth Disaster too.

Reckless Youth has got some great songs on it with a raw feeling to each one and a very genuine, DIY style to the record, which makes it for the most part a great listen. Highlights for me are the acoustic instrumental Lonely Moments which is perfectly placed in the middle of the EP and Another Chance, a good taste of a great band.



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