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Review: Whitehill Grove – Runaway EP.

1010622_963486103759034_4478694115911120139_n (1)Whitehill Grove are a young indie rock band from Scotland, and have recently released their EP Runaway. The band are set to play shows in their hometown in the near future and you can stream the band’s EP now through Soundcloud here.

The band have a great way with melodies throughout this record, bringing alternative rock and indie sounds to these songs with some nice riffs and beats that work well together. Anonymous opens the EP and has some strong guitars, but Tale Of Tate is a great acoustic track with an interesting beat and how to bring something different to the style.

The band certainly can write a song and that’s consistent throughout the Runaway EP, with some really catchy choruses on this EP, tracks such as Runaway and again Anonymous are certainly future earworms, the band have some excellent verses and have a nice poetic style, with a nice balance of great writing and some awesome choruses, the band create their own sound well on Runaway.

Whitehill Grove do a great job on this their debut, the band certainly are creating something of their own here, creating some nice grooves and cool hooks that make for some easy listening. Highlights for me are Anonymous and Death Do Us Part.


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