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Review: I, Ohms – Parallel Connection EP.

I, Ohms are a band hailing from Virginia, who make a combination of Djent and Metalcore, and who also release their debut EP Parallel Connection tomorrow, February 26th. The band are set to play The Refuge in Chesapeake for their EP release tomorrow, and pre-order the EP here.

The vocals kick in with a raw scream, and it sounds awesome as the melodies the band create kick in, tracks such as Scream Your Heart Out bring together that awesome screaming vocal with a pretty good singing voice that really works on this track. Civil War kicks you in the eardrums with an awesome guttural scream that make me worry for Belmont’s vocal chords.

Melody wise, this band have some great stuff going on, though it feels they could pick up the pace in places, this band know how to create unique sounds and melodies on Parallel Connection, don’t let the intro to Terms And Conditions deceive you, this band can bring huge drum runs to this EP and huge riffs that makes for some great music on this their debut EP, the band working together fantastcally.

From the moment it starts, this band bring something new to hardcore, with interesting twinkly intros to that electronica exit on End: Disclaimer, this band have certainly taken the genre and tried to do something new and for the most part it works really well. Highlights for me are Scream Your Heart Out and Deep Divide, this band have a lot of potential, I look forward to what they make next.





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