EPs & Singles.

Review: SHEL – Crazy Enough Collection.

SHEL are four sisters and female musicians who have been gaining attention by having tracks in movies and shows and soon will be releasing their album, and they’re giving a taste of it through Noisetrade and you can find the EP here. The band are currently heading out on tour and you can see their PledgeMusic site here.

The vocals work so well on each song, they have beautiful harmonies throughout these tracks and it works perfectly. Tracks such as You Could Be My Baby, one of the band’s new tracks really showcases how stunning the voices together are, this continues on Hold On, a collaboration track with Gareth Dunlop, where the soft gentle vocals are really lovely.

The melodies created are light and ethereal and it works really nicely with the vocals on these tracks, songs such as I’m Just A Shadow, a bonus track on this record bring in different influences that make for a really unique sound and combined with the lyrics, it sounds good. SHEL are great with hooks and these songs are incredibly infectious, You Could Be My Baby and Follow Me Home are perfect examples of this, but the lyrics are well written and have some nice depth that don’t make the record simple pop tracks, this isn’t a band that’s one dimensional.

SHEL make some great songs on this new EP, with some gorgeous melodies and beautiful vocals that really show what these musicians can do together, and it shows they’ve grown up with it, as it sounds so natural on Crazy Enough. Highlights for me are You Could Be My Baby and Hold On. Genuinely an album I’m looking forward to hearing if this EP is anything to go by.


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