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Review: Hacktivist – Outside The Box.

hacktivist coverReleased through Rise Records Friday, Hacktivist release their Debut album Outside The Box this week. The band have released the first video from the album for track Buszy and if that’s anything to go by, this album is going to be interesting. Preorders can be found here and the band support Issues soon in the UK.

This band certainly are not trying to fit in a box on this record at all, and it lives up to it’s name as they bring in huge melodies, drums and metal sounds with rap as the album begins. The band are relentless with the energy on this album, high octane drums and huge melodic riffs come together to make a record that brings that anger from the moment it begins.

The band have three collaborations on this record, a great collaboration with Rou Reynolds in Taken brings two bands who make this genre, together and it’s excellent with huge bounce, and the ability to bring a roof down in any sweaty venue that’s to come. Rotten later on the album is a collaboration with Astroid Boys and Jot Maxi which brings a grimey feeling to the record and it sounds good, slowing down the tempo but relentless in it’s pace, that’s also the case with Deceive And Defy with Jamie Graham.

Writing wise, it’s strong in places, the verses in rap tracks are good for the most part and the band have put together an album that works incredibly well together throughout, with a rage against the establishment that seethes throughout and it doesn’t feel disingenuous, particularly on tracks such as False Idols and No Way Back where that really shows. This is an album four years in the making and it does show for the most part on Outside The Box.

Hacktivist have made a great record with a relentless pace and angry songs that make for an album that live is going to kick a a crowd into shape whereever it goes, with huge drum beats and blistering riffs, this band are going to assault your eardrums and you’re going to be completely okay with that. Highlights for me on this are Taken, No Way Back and Elevate, but this album as a whole works and the collaborations are definitely worth a listen, as it adds dimensions to this record that ensures this band keep this record theirs.




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