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Review: John Parry – Enough EP.

image002John Parry, is a young talent who releases his self produced debut EP Enough on Friday. Reminiscent of musicians such as The Streets with acoustic sounds, Parry creates something unique bringing together his influences incredibly well on this record. You can see Parry’s first video for single, Enough here.

The creation of melodies on this record is excellent and harmonises with his rough melancholic vocal through all these songs, with gentle guitars and atmospheric stylings that compliment one another perfectly on each track. Title track Enough brings together the best of this record with a subtle sound and a darkness that really works on this track, and that sound is explored throughout this EP.

Parry’s lyrics have a nice honesty to them, Awkward the track that opens this EP, certainly is an example of this, with a very real sound to them and it’s a song that after a few listens will be stuck in your head for the rest of your day. Keeping it simple works for Parry on this record and it makes for an EP that works together. The strength of his vocals makes it work so much more, the vocals on Enough and Do bring another excellent layer to these songs.

Enough is a great record and it’s raw honesty is perfect throughout, it’s just a shame there’s not more, is really the EP’s only flaw. Highlights for me are Do and Awkward, however there’s not a weak track here and it’s difficult not to like this record.





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