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Review: ROMP – Departure From Venus.

ROMP Departure From Venus ArtworkRomp last year released their EP, Sorry, Not Sorry which was amazing and so new album, released this Friday, Departure From Venus certainly has a lot to live up to. Released through Bad Timing Records, Departure From Venus is currently being streamed through Consequence Of Sound here and preorders can be found here.

This album is so easy to love from the moment it starts with enough energy to get a rocket into space throughout, with drums that race through these tracks and pop melodies that works with Klarer’s vocals throughout the album. The riffs bring the album to life too, with some nice grooves created throughout this album, tracks such as Come Undone and Last Year are just giving that little extra kick, this band really bringing everything they have to Departure From Venus, and everything they have is good.

The lyrics are pretty simple but so very effective, with huge choruses strewn throughout this record, with songs catchier than a cold. Opening track Backfire and Avoiding Boys are just proof of this  where the songs really have some great hooks and want to get stuck in your head. Klarer’s vocals are great too, tracks such as Go Back To Bed, really display her range, but she has also got this flatter tone that really works, Yapshutter is a real display of the different style she has and it’s one of the things that makes ROMP unique.

Departure From Venus is the kind of debut record you want to make, with some nice writing, big melodies and energy that live is going to be amazing. The band are going on a small tour of the East Coast very soon and you should certainly make sure they are a band you go see, if this record is anything to go by. The whole album is a highlight, but songs that stand out for me are Avoiding Boys, Come Undone and Backfire.




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