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Review: Tonight Alive – Limitless.

Limitless is the new record from Australian pop punkers, Tonight Alive. The band who are soon to be on tour in the UK with Our Last Night and Milk Teeth, released their new album yesterday and going by the singles, it should be a great album. You can listen to it now on Spotify.

There’s a lot more synth that you might anticipate on a record, as Tonight Alive change their sound and it’s clear from the moment the record starts. With more of a softer vocal and vocal layering that works on tracks such as Oxygen. McDougall’s vocals are incredibly strong on this record with strong high notes but a rawness to it that works, Human Interaction shows that.

The writing is strong, but it feels in places disconnected and it doesn’t completely harmonise with the melodies the band have created but when the band gets it right it really works, tracks such as Drive and How Does It Feel? Really work, with catchy choruses and some good writing that makes the record really stand out. Waves has the depth that Tonight Alive brings to songs with ease and with the vocalist this band have, it sounds awesome and has a hook to keep you coming back for more. Tracks such as I Defy would be a perfect theme tune for a WWE PPV in the future, trust me.

There’s some genuine and raw tracks on this album, but it’s a mixed record and the highlights come near the end of the record, particularly with the writing. There’s no doubting how good Jenna McDougall’s vocals are throughout this record, her mixture of softer and powerful vocals really work on Limitless. This album is different, just not quite sure if it’s a good different. Highlights for me are I Defy, How Does It Feel? And Waves.



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