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Review: Blood Youth – Closure EP.

bloodyouth-closureBlood Youth, rising stars of the UK punk scene, release their sophomore EP this Friday and if last record Inside My Head is anything to go by, this EP is going to be excellent. The band release Closure through Rude Records, and you can watch the music video for the title track here.

Don’t let that opening track fool you in believing that this EP is going to be an easy listen as this band kick into another gear as they release some ruthless riffs onto your eardrums and enough drum runs to energise a country – there is something truly raw about 247 that isn’t easy to match and it sounds incredible from the moment it begins.

Mood Swing brings different melodies and that raw sound together and it sounds effortless, this band going all out on this record, bringing in nicely sung choruses, and those screaming vocals are on point throughout and blended with the sung vocals it does sound great. The band truly have evolved on this record bringing what they did best on last EP, and bringing something new to Closure, which is going to make this band incredibly difficult to ignore.

Lyrically it is angry and vitriolic and live, these tracks are going to be screamed back as this band bring some great choruses and some epic lines on this record. Closure and Mood Swings are the ones that stand out to me when it comes to the writing as it feels genuine and with that rhythm section this band show it in every note, the production accentuating what this band do best on every track and it makes for an incredible listen.

It’s incredibly difficult to find a flaw on this EP, it’s angry, it’s genuine, it’s got an insane bounce that you can’t ignore, and Blood Youth certainly prove on this record why  2016 is their year to take it to another level, you’d be stupid to ignore this band. This whole EP is awesome, but check out 247 and Closure, you will not regret it.




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