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Review: Ducking Punches – Fizzy Brain.

One of the few things I love about my hometown, Ducking Punches, release their new album Fizzy Brain through Xtra Mile Recordings and you can listen to the whole record right now through Punktastic. The band are about to go on tour across the UK and you should go see them.

This band always know how to make some awesome melodies, and their use of violin adds another dimension to this record, short tracks such as It’s Not Over Yet Friends certainly makes that clear, with a nice acoustic melody not that this band can’t bring energy too and that works for JFH too, and partnered with Allen’s vocals, it works so well.

Tracks such as Fun Fun Fun and Fizzy Brain bring that bounce to this record perfectly, showcasing the best of what this band do, that live will work so well, particularly God Damn Coward (which you see the video for here) which brings some cool fuzzy riffs and a great foundation of drums that makes for a hell of a song. Tracks such as Take Back The Living Room also stand out not just for the smooth female vocals but the great melody and the upbeat sound that makes for a highlight on Fizzy Brain, the awkwardness of relationships makes for such a genuine track.

The writing is great from the moment it begins with some big choruses on this record, with a range of themes that make it so easy to connect with. I think what Ducking Punches has that is so unique is a genuine depth to their writing that is incredibly rare, it feels like its so raw and thoughtful and it shows on so many songs on Fizzy Brain, and it’s what they do best. The bands way with melodies harmonises well with the writing and it makes for a well put together album.

Ducking Punches new record sounds awesome, a mixture of high energy tracks with acoustic melodies, it changes a lot, but it works here and there are many highlights on this record, House Guest, Take Back The Living Room and Greedy Bones sticking out for me.



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