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Review: Great Deceivers – Ask Me About Your Strong Suits EP.

great deceivers album artChicago Math Rockers, Great Deceivers release their new EP, Ask Me About Your Strong Suits through Flannel Gurl records on the 8th March and currently streaming their new EP through New Noise Magazine here. The EP made as the band moved from Orlando to Chicago, it’s theme revolved around that transition and makes for an interesting listen.

The band’s undercurrent of drumwork on this record gives a great foundation for this EP, weaving in between those great guitar melodies on this record from the start. Tracks such as Folding really bring the two together perfectly on this record – there are those classic twisting melodies that Math Rock does best, but a real rawness to the sound that allows the band to give the style another dimension and makes for a great listen.

The collaborative vocals on this record sound excellent, Harrison’s vocals have an other worldly tone to them that really works with the melodies the band make on Ask Me About Your Strong Suits, if it was a sharper sound it would have made sure the best of what this band do would make it clearer, but for what Great Deceivers have, it makes for a great listen and a very raw EP. The band have some genuinely lyrical talent, with huge emotive verses that work right here, tracks such as Prize Fighter really display that.

Great Deceivers make an excellent record here, with strong melodies and some nice vocals that make for a classic math rock style that works here, and an EP that works incredibly well together. Highlights for me are title track, Ask Me About Your Strong Suits and opener Case In Point,.



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