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Review: Merit – The Comfort And The Confusion EP.

meritArizona Emo quartet Merit release their new EP, The Comfort And The Confusion today in the UK through Boom Blast Records, the second of a trilogy of concept EP’s the band are releasing. You can see the video for single, Take Care through Youtube here.

The band can write some genuinely sad songs, the melancholy hits you as soon as you begin to listen to the words, with the end of relationships being a theme to this record, and it feels a very freshly raw and honest take on what is happening around and to them, this shows on opening track All These Haunting Things Part 2 and continues throughout.

The simple melodies on this record work so effectively with the lyricism of this band, tracks such as I Wish I had An Invisibility Cloak and the intro to Here’s To You really keep a less is more approach and works incredibly well on this record, giving a very real sound throughout on this EP.  Tracks such as Take Care are infectious and the songs builds dramatically from a very simple introduction, and as the other instrumentalists come in, it gives the track a real dramatic sound that makes it work.

The Confusion And The Calm, is a great EP, bringing some real depth to the lyrics and some excellent melodies to the record, in places there’s issues around vocals, the production not truly accentuating the vocals on this record which work so well for the most part. Highlights for me here are Take Care and Here’s To You.



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