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Review: Fierce Morgan – Misanthropy EP.

Sheffield punkers, Fierce Morgan release their new EP Misanthrophy tomorrow (March 18th). You can find out more about the EP through their Bandcamp here and give Elders one of the highlights on this record a listen through the band’s Youtube right now.

The band power through this record with roaring riffs and awesome drum work that thunders through this record, giving a great foundation for some great songs, tracks such as X Marks The Spot stand out as they combine brilliantly to make a hell of a pop punk track that has an incredibly energy to it that makes it hard to ignore.

Lyrically strong, focusing around growing up in today’s society and the impact of the current state of the world on those in their early twenties, and that is made all too clear on tracks such as Elders where that political edge runs through, and it works on this record giving it a raw aggression, particularly partnered up with those vocals it sounds awesome. Sweat & Tears stays in the same vein with that strained vocal that work really works throughout this record and makes for a powerful track – it’s an EP that can be related to and tells a story excellently.

Fierce Morgan make an excellent EP here, Misanthropy being a perfect name for this, the hatred of people as the theme surrounds the impact of people on other people’s lives in a negative way, and it iss written excellently, with big choruses and an energy that works perfectly throughout this record. Highlights for me are Elders and X Marks The Spot.





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