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Review: Light Up The Sky – Nightlife.

light up the sky nightlife coverLight Up The Sky release their debut album on Rise Records, Nightlife today. The band who are currently on tour with Like Moths To Flames and Ice Nine Kills, Light Up The Sky,are certainly getting heard and with a track like Breather in their repertoire it’s certainly clear why, one of the stand outs on this record.

The combination of vocals really stand out on this record, with some really nice gentler vocals displayed on tracks such as Letting Go which is an acoustic track, which harmonises perfectly with the vocals but then is followed up by closing track A New Me which brings together that awesome screaming vocal with a great singing voice that work well together.

There’s some really strong choruses on this album too, the band have a way of creating some big hooks on this album and that’s on show on every track on this album, tracks such as Breather standout for those big choruses that are just ready to get stuck in your head, and that continues on Body Right which really has some infectious writing – the band keep it simple but it is effective on this record, and in places make for a great record.

The melodies this band make never really knock you out on this record, in places this band really do get it right. Tracks such as Letting Go and I Will Never with that big riff at the start of the song that really creates some energy on this track really brings it, and A New Me as well stands out for the same reasons, but these are the highlights of the record. The rhythm section really gives these tracks a great foundation for the most part and makes for a good listen – this album is a good foundation for this band to build on. Highlights for me, Letting Go and A New Me.



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