EPs & Singles.

Review: XYLO – America EP.

Recently released through Noisetrade, America is the latest record from XYLO, which you can find through the website here. The brother/sister duo from Southern California have created a sound reminiscent of musicians such as Halsey and Lana Del Rey and you can hear a taste of what the two have created through YouTube.

The melodies throughout this EP are extraordinary with huge sounds and atmospheric stylings that make for some incredible songs from the start. Its clear as soon as you hear track America why it became such a success with a nice groove and working with Paige Cuddy’s vocals it sounds incredible, Afterlife standing out for those reasons too.

The songs are incredibly catchy, knowing how to worm into your ears incredibly easily, there isn’t a song on this EP that won’t get you singing along on this record, and the harmonising of the vocals and melodies makes these songs work perfectly, tracks such as Devil And The Deep Blue Sea work so well together, this duo work incredibly well in collaboration throughout the record, and it makes for an awesome listen.

These two seem to have been born to work together and it shows throughout America, where the band create melodies and harmonies that sound amazing from the start. Dark melodies that work so well with such a pure voice, this band create something different on this EP and I look forward to hearing more from this duo in the future. Highlights for me are America and Afterlife.




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