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Review: TWIABP – Live Long Happy Birthday.

The World Is A Beautiful Place And I’m No Longer Afraid To Die, release a seven inch this Friday, Live Long Happy Birthday through Topshelf Records. The eight piece last year released new album Harmlessness last year, which was incredible, and these two songs, certainly match that.

What this band can do with instruments is always brilliant and these tracks are certainly no different with dark melodies and slow burning riffs that work perfectly together on these two tracks. Katamari Duquette certainly brings these to the fore with a dramatic drum beat going into the track, the band bring something new to these songs, and they sound awesome.

Lyrically strong, there’s something about telling a story that is so rare, but what this band do exceptionally well in four minutes on these tracks, setting a scene and creating a picture with their words which is truly incredible and that show in both of these songs. The vocals are strong too, and always are, though not using many vocalists (which the band have five of) on these recordings, but it does sound good all the same with a way of harmonising with the melodies, that certainly shows on Even More Forever in particular.

Two great tracks exist on this new seven inch, if you like interesting melodies, delicate harmonies and excellent vocals, well, this is the record for you.



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