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Review: One Man Boycott – Counting The Seconds.

One Man Boycott release their album Counting The Seconds this Friday. The band who on this record create a pop rock mix here create something energetic and infectious on this their debut record and it’s certainly worth a listen. You can give a listen to lead single If Only You’d Stay via the band’s Youtube.

The band certainly bring such great energy to this record, from the moment it starts those punk riffs begin and really gets the tempo going on this record, and those combined with a great layer of drums really work throughout Counting The Seconds. Tracks such as Fingers Crossed really bring that relentless power this band bring to their debut album.

The band can slow down the pace too on tracks such as Short Like Summer and Monument For A Normal Guy where that introduction on the latter really highlights the vocals of lead singer, Brewer’s range is perfectly displayed throughout the debut, and it really shows on this track in particular and continues that to the end of the album. The production really has made sure the best of what this band make is on display, and with a voice as good as this, it’s definitely a great thing.

Lyrically, this band know how to make some awesome choruses on this album and hooks that will keep you coming back for more, tracks such as Liar! Really show that perfectly, the band certainly have a way with words that works for them, but with some depth that sounds good on this album. The lyricism combined with that energy live, is going to be something special in the future, as they bring together some energetic melodies and catchy choruses that people are going to love.

So much good is here, and this debut allows this band to build from here and the only way is up, as this record is a solid debut album for the band who have something special on Counting The Seconds. Highlights for me are Sick Of It All, Liar! and Short Like Summer – not a band to ignore.




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