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Review: Feral Conservatives – Here’s To Almost.

gchtaFeral Conservatives released their new album back in January, after recording their album through the Summer of last year, Here’s To Almost. The band create a unique sound with violin, horns and mandolins involved in this record, so it has to make for an interesting listen. Listen to the album now through the band’s soundcloud here.

This band create some delicious grooves on this record, the mandolin is perfectly used throughout this album from the moment it begins, creating twangy melodies that create a slightly psychedelic throwback sound that is a treat for your ears throughout. Around The Corner, the opening song on their album really brings the best of the band’s sound together, and then that continues throughout the record, making for a great listen.

Rosenfarb’s vocal aren’t raw and rough, they are softly done on this record, but it harmonises perfectly with the melodies made on this record, really accentuating her vocals that sound amazing throughout these songs. The band write some big hooks, tracks like Bus Driver have great melodies, but that chorus will get stuck in your head, and that goes for songs like Little Pieces too – this band seem to create these tracks so easily, bringing in folk and indies influences that work well together throughout this record.

Feral Conservatives create such a unique record with Here’s To Almost, bringing in a variety of influences to create an awesome album, with nice grooves and pretty melodies, that harmonise so well with the vocals, these sounds were destined to be made together throughout. It’s too difficult to compare this band to anything I’ve heard before and that can’t be a bad thing. Highlights for me are Class Reunion, Bus Driver and Wait For Me – that drum beat intro makes for a great end to the record. With a little more polish, this band have so much promise.



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