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Review: Wildways – Into The Wild.

Wildways release their album Into The Wild on March 25th. A five piece metalcore band from Russia, the band have shared stages with Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall and The Ghost Inside, so they are certainly a band who have been making a name for themselves, particularly after winning the European Battle Of The Bands.

Raw and aggressive from the start, Wildways really do kick off this record with a lot of energy and if you like metalcore, you’re going to like this, bringing in heavy riffs and pummelling drumwork that keeps going, tracks such as D.O.I.T. is certainly a very good example of this, however this album goes heavy from the start with quality production which accentuates every moment.

The vocals are sharp on this record, the combination of singing and screaming sounds great on this album, the screaming voice sounding like it’s coming from a very dark place and with those softer vocals works perfectly, that quality goes on throughout the record and with the melodies this band have – the band have made their mark on this record, adding something different to the style. Princess on this album with the combination of female vocals added in sounds awesome on this track blended in perfectly with the sound, makes for a stand out track.

Wildways make a great record here, with some interesting melodies and big choruses that are bound to be screamed live back at the band in the near future, tracks such as Wings have huge hooks and it makes for some great listening. This band create some great music from the start on this record and if you like bands such as The Color Morale, this band might be ideal for you. There are many highlights on this record, songs that stand out to me on Into The Wild are, Wings, Princess and Don’t Give Up Your Guns.




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