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Review: Terrible Love – Change Nothing EP.

Change Nothing EP cover artTerrible Love, who are set soon to play some shows with Rolo Tomassi released their EP, Change Nothing, at the beginning of this year. The band who are made up of members of other bands including Bastions and Grappler, bring some excellent hardcore here, which you can listen to via Bandcamp.

Vitrolic and raw from the moment it starts, those vocals will leave you stunned with that anger and brutal roar that emanates from the vocalist on this EP and doesn’t let up throughout these tracks. Lyrically strong, it brings a great depth to the EP and a very emotional listen as it feels raw and fresh throughout the whole record, Just listen to Sparrow to hear that.

The melodies are where this bands strengths truly lay on this EP, with fierce drum work and huge riffs the band really bring out the best work on the music they create with these songs. Opening track Change Nothing shows that from the start and that quality continues particularly on tracks such They Need Me, with those slow burning guitars in combination with those drums really works and it makes for a powerful thing – if it always this good, they really should change nothing.

Terrible Love create something great here, if you like bands such as La Dispute and that kind of sound you’ll probably like this record, with the bringing together of excellent melodies and strong and raw vocals that compliment one another perfectly. Highlights for me are Stone In Me and Change Nothing, but this record never lets you down.



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