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Review: Treetop Flyers – Palomino.

Treetop Flyers recently released new album Palomino on March 11th, who are set to be out on tour through April across the UK and Europe. The band who follow up from critically album The Mountain Moves come back with a whole new album and certainly lives up to the standard the band have set themselves. You can listen to the whole of the album now on Clash.

The band create incredible melodies on this record, using different styles and sounds to bring these songs to life, tracks like Sleepless Nights with different guitar techniques (the use of what sounds like feedback works on this track) and creative melodies that works perfectly with vocalist Reid Morrison’s vocals makes for some brilliant creations throughout Palomino.

The writing is brilliantly poetic but it works, tracks like Wild Winds and Falling Back are still catchy though and make for some excellent hooks and in combination with the melodies, this band create some great songs, the tracks with Fairytales and Lullabies particularly stand out on this record. The songs are thought provoking and thoughtful with some real depth on throughout this record but keeping it light to make this record a fun listen and it certainly makes this record unique.

An interesting record with sounds that only this band could make, Palomino is an excellent record that live will sound a treat, particularly with such good vocals and melodies that really raise the tempo and create some excellent grooves, that live will make for such an excellent listen if the album recorded is anything to go by. There are plenty of highlights throughout this album, but for me Wild Winds, Falling Back and Lady Luck stand out for me.



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