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Review: Deep Sea Diver – Always Waiting EP.

Deep Sea Diver are set to release new album Secrets soon, but have released their EP Always Waiting through Noisetrade recently which you can find here. The band who are rising stars of their scene, are led by Jessica Dobson who has high praise and it is certainly clearly heard why here.

Dobson’s vocals are awesome throughout this EP with some really nice high notes that work perfectly on this record, tracks such as Secrets really displays that voice perfectly – it’s a real rock and roll voice and it shows throughout this EP. Where the band keep it simple on Always Waiting with an acoustic feel introduction her tone is incredible and makes for an emotional sound.

This band’s way with melodies on this EP throughout is incredible with subtle but brilliant grooves and funky sounds that improve with time, changing directions with brilliant ease, Always Waiting transforms from an acousticĀ track into a funky electronica sound that continues to harmonise with the vocals and it’s so rarely done so well. One By One also stands out for it’s unusual melodies, that sound so different but work so well together and it’s one of my favourite tracks on the record.

Deep Sea Diver swim with confidence on this EP, with incredible melodies and strong vocals that work excellently together and it certainly makes me look forward to whatever this band do next, the new album based on this is going to be something special. Highlights for me are One By One and All Chalked Up, give it a listen, right now it costs you nothing.





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