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Review: Vynce – Lust EP.

vyncelustLiverpool’s VYNCE, release their EP Lust tomorrow April 1st. The band who have supported some awesome bands including Catfish And The Bottlemen and Fickle Friends, have released the first single from the EP, Tease for free download and you can find this teaser for the record here.

The band certainly create warm and awesome grooves from the moment these tracks begin, with funky riffs and melodies that harmonise perfectly with the vocals, the band really do show how well they work together. Opening track Lust certainly brings the best of what this band do here, with synth melodies and groovy riffs that work so well.

This band make hooks like no tomorrow and they can get stuck in your head these tracks pretty quickly. Fall For You and Lust both have huge and infectious choruses and will keep playing in your head for days and matched with those melodies this EP together sounds great – it’s simple, for the most part but it does sound good. Final track Taste is really where the band writing wise come in to their own, with some good writing and a funky melody that makes for a great listen.

VYNCE certainly create an awesome sound on this EP, and certainly makes for a great debut from the band, bringing something new and laying a great foundation for the future as they build on their style from here. Highlight for me is Taste but the whole EP is worth a listen, check it out from Friday.



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