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Review: The Summer Set – Stories For Monday.

The Summer Set released their new album Stories For Monday yesterday through Fearless Records. The band who have had a tumultous last year – even breaking up for a time – come back after releasing three huge singles, and if tracks like Figure Me Out are anything to go by Stories For Monday has a lot of potential.

If we know anything about this band, it’s they can make a huge chorus, from Chelsea to Boomerang, you can figure that out and that magic formula doesn’t change on Stories For Monday at all. Tracks like Missin’ You certainly make that clear, not that this album is just choruses. The writing seems so much better on this album – it feels like the subject hasn’t changed but the approach has, with greater lyricism and a way with words that makes me think a break worked for The Summer Set. It’s a more reflective album and feels like reading an old diary, which is apt, really.

The sound has changed a lot too, last record Legendary certainly seems like the bridge album for this record and it makes for a great listen. Synth sounds and the combination of Bowen’s drum work on tracks such as Jean Jacket are certainly a change of sound for the band, but it’s no bad one. Tracks like All My Friends and All In have huge melodies and are made for a live show, those are the songs that are written to get people singing along and after a few listens of those tracks you won’t be able to stop yourself joining in with it either – these are the kind of songs made for big venues, these are anthems.

Stories For Monday is a fine balance of rock and pop music, this band’s talent are perfectly on display throughout, with brilliantly placed piano melodies, riffs and pounding beats that are destined to be played loudly in a car driving down a highway in the middle of Summer. There are many, many highlights on this record but I’d pick All In, Missin’ You and The Night Is Young



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