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Review: Bones, K Flay and Pvris – UEA LCR, 02/04/2016.

Pvris returned to Norwich as a headliner after being second support a year ago last night, and what a night it was. One of the first UK tours where all the bands have been led by women for a long time, it was a hell of a show to see and to hear.

Bones, the opening act on the tour are definite proof that girls can play guitar, no matter what some guy she dated once said (I hope he feels stupid) with huge beats and some big choruses, their attitude is explicit in their songs and makes for an awesome listen, especially if you’re a girl, especially if you’re a feminist, and if you like awesome rock songs, for me when these things come together, they’re my new favourite band.

K Flay has awesome grooves and huge melodies that are perfect to fill a venue like the LCR, and they certainly did that last night. Music that’s impossible not to move to and a way of expressing emotion in her music but infectious, it’s amazing to listen to, and  with an energy on stage that works incredibly well, K Flay is great to see live. K Flay sounds amazing live too, tracks like Make Me Fade sound excellent live.

Pvris have learnt a lot about a live show in the last year, bringing the audience into the show and really taking over the stage, the band really have watched and crafted their stage show as good as their recorded selves. As soon as the set begins with Smoke to the end with My House, the band really take that energy and take the crowd with them, with huge choruses and melodies that this band do better than anybody else – and live it sounds just as good.

A great collection of musicians that is well put together, each musician really worked well together and made for a superior show. It’s rarely done when real thought is put into the crafting of a tour, and the people who put this one together did it excellently – it’s a tour not to miss!



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