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Review: Coast To Coast – Dwell EP.

Coast To Coast release their EP, Dwell this Friday through Fox Records. The band who have released their first video for Bloom recently, are currently on tour with Better Than Never and if this record is anything to go by, you should go see them.

Rough and ready riffs and acoustic melodies come together on Dwell and the band execute them both very well. Bloom certainly displays those raw guitars and sounds that this band do so well, but closing track Bunkbeds has a great acoustic melody and partnered with the vocals of Hyland, Bunkbeds stands out as a highlight on this EP.

The writing is strong and has some really great depth, tracks such as Bunkbeds are heartfelt and guaranteed to be sung along to but tracks like Cornerstone stand out too for those reasons too, even though the band is picking up the pace. Lyrically raw and honest throughout, this band certainly have something unique about their writing that makes for such a great listen from the moment it starts.

Huge melodies and some awesome vocals that harmonise perfectly throughout this record, Dwell is certainly an EP you need to give a listen to (and you can, it debuts on Rock Sound later on today). Highlights for me are Bunkbeds and Cornerstone, but this whole record is something you need to spend some time with. Coast To Coast are certainly a band to keep an eye on as they release this their excellent debut.





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