Review: Pryti – Bitter Pill.

Pryti releases her new video single this Friday, Bitter Pill, which is released from her latest album, Tales Of A Melancholic. Pryti truly is the spirit of an independent artist, the musician playing guitar and bass for the whole of her album and it sounds amazing.

Pryti’s vocals are stunning throughout this track, with soaring notes that compliment the music perfectly. There’s a real depth and emotion to her voice that makes this song sound so meaningful throughout -it feels like the track has just been written and then created and it makes for an amazing listen.

Huge drum beats and slow burning guitars work together in perfect balance on Bitter Pill throughout, creating an atmospheric feel to the track and in working in harmony with the vocals it sounds incredible together, emotive and dark, this song is a huge rock song and it makes for a captivating listen throughout.

A track that was made to be listened to, you should check out more from this musician as she creates incredible music – you can find out more about Pryti here.


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