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Review: Vanessa Forero – From The Uproar EP.

From The Uproar cover artVanessa Forero recently released her EP, From The Uproar, which you can find now through her bandcamp. A multi instrumentalist bursting with talent, these five tracks really highlight what Forero can do best throughout. Moving from working in music in television to creating her own sound of latin and acoustic music, it’s an awesome listen.

The latin melodies work perfectly with the acoustic sound Forero creates throughout this EP, creating melodies that are made to be moved to, the use of different musical layers make for some incredible songs, tracks like Raven are a perfect example of these things coming together perfectly.

Forero’s vocals are incredible too and work perfectly with the melodies she creates, her tone is incredible from the beginning to the end, with silky high notes and a dreamy way to it that works so nicely with the latin vibes on this record – it’s clear to hear on tracks like Heaven Knows, where that vocal capability is perfectly on display. The writing is infectious too on this record, Same Boat certainly is a song that you will be more than happy to have stuck in your head for a few days.

Vanessa Forero is a force to be reckoned with on this EP, bringing together incredible melodies and impeccable vocals, that are so rarely done so well. Highlights for me are Same Boat and Heaven Knows, but together it’s pretty incredible record, I only wish there was more.



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