Review: Ray Rocket – Do You Wanna Go to Tijuana?

ray rocket coverRay Rocket, the solo project of Ray Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket released his debut solo album ‘Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?’ through Rise Records last Friday. You can see the video for the title track right now here and the band will be on Warped tour throughout the Summer.

Full of awesome acoustic melodies that sort of shouldn’t work with the more punk lyricism on tracks such as Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You) Bringing in latin melodies and some really nice grooves throughout the record, Tijuana is certainly the inspiration of this album and it makes me wants to visit as soon as possible, with sunny sounds galore.

The writing is strong throughout this record, Ray Rocket knows how to tell a story throughout this album, it feels like very genuine from the moment it starts, as he recounts memories throughout this album and does it beautifully, not leaving the tracks with a typical formula, Rocket really has a unique way with writing but bringing those choruses too. Tracks like Pet Sematary for example really are an excellent example of this on this record. His vocals sound great, and compliment the melodies well, even though in places it feels so contradictory.

Bursting with fantastic melodies and some poetic lyricism, the album works great together and makes for an amazing listen – I’m a big fan of acoustic work and this is some of the most interesting innovative guitar work I’ve seen, blending different styles and unique lyrics that only Ray Rocket could create, with big hooks and an autobiographical account of love and enjoying life. Highlights for me on this album are Radio, Rebound and Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You) bu if you like acoustic and punk, this is the record for you.



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