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Review: Colour Me Wednesday – Anyone And Everyone EP.

Anyone & Everyone cover artColour Me Wednesday released their Anyone And Everyone on the 30th March through KROD Records. A mixture of punk and indie, the all female trio have streamed their new EP through Upset Magazine and you can give it a listen here.

Full of catchy hooks that get stuck in your head, this band create some awesome choruses on this EP, though the writing is kept pretty simple, it is effective and the vocals are almost sweet in sound and makes for a great listen – the lyrics and vocals don’t match and I like that about this band.

Where the band really come into their own however is the creation of their melodies which sound awesome throughout this EP. The band create some great beats in tracks like Don’t Tell Anyone that really harmonise well with the vocals, laden with rough riffs and some cool drum work and that energy continues throughout the EP. Horror Story stands out for those terrific guitar melodies and fun drum beats that makes these tracks stand out.

Colour Me Wednesday pack a punch on this record and have such great way with making noise and it shows throughout Anyone And Everyone. Bursting at the seams with energy, the band create some awesome tunes and it’s a definite must-hear. Highlights for me are Horror Story and In Your Shoes.






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