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Review: The Summer War – Cult Of You.

Cult Of You CoverThe Summer War are certainly rising stars and if anything proves it, it’s their new EP Cult Of You that is released this Friday. The band who have premiered their latest record through Punktastic here, have had support slots with Chunk! No Captain Chunk and Roam certainly live up to their standard here.

The band bring such incredible melodies throughout this EP, from thunderous guitars and fuzzy melodies, to smooth grooves and raw riffs that compliment perfectly on tracks on this record. The contrast between The Garden and When The Moon Said Goodbye To The Sun is large, however they work next to one another perfectly.

The two sets of vocals really compliment one another on this EP, the raw power on this record shows throughout this record, tracks like On A Cross, really show that power perfectly, this band’s vocals are strong throughout, but it really harmonises well on this record. The writing is excellent too on Cult Of You, the band creating some nice choruses without losing the quality of the writing, which has real depth and some great poeticism throughout the record.

The Summer War have created an excellent EP, full of fantasic riffs and powerful vocals, this band have an awesome place to work from with Cult Of You and live this is going to be exciting to hear. There are a great many highlights on this record however tracks that I like are The Garden and the acoustic sound of Novemberish really stands out to me.




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